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Date: 11 May 2002

In a message dated 5/11/2002 4:01:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Mark Sullivan writes:

 I just got a mailing from Dennis McMillan. He mentions in passing that
 Howard Browne is "no longer with us." When did Howard Browne die?
 Man, I love his Paul Pine books (and others).

As do I Mark. Howard Browne died on October 28th, 1999. As he was born in 1908, he wasn't taken from us in the first blush of youth but I was saddened when I heard the news. I think the Washington Post ran a paragraph or two obit. He remained alert, active and writing deep into his 80s. I recall him at two Bouchercons, probably San Diego and Pasadena, and he recounted some great stories from his pulp magazine writing and editing days. William McGivern was one writer who began his career as a regular contributor for Browne when he was at Ziff-Davis. He also had new books out and talked about those as well. He was a genial man and very approachable. I enjoyed several conversations with him. He was vastly amused by a somewhat negative review in the Chicago Tribune of one of his new books. I brought it up as it irritated me that the reviewer (ignorant of Browne's writing background and his long history in Chicago) made it sound like Browne was a Hollywood screenwriter who decided to slum it with a novel based in Chicago.

A great guy, I wish he was still working his way to the century mark.

Richard Moore

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