RARA-AVIS: reverse of the cliche

From: Bludis Jack ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 08 May 2002

Doug said:
> I am still waiting for someone to write a
> hardboiled novel in which the protag. is a
psychotic killer and his sidekick is a sarcastic,
> wisecracking PI.

Jim Doherty responded:
>How about Mike Hammer and Velda? Mike's edged
toward the psychotic a time or two . . . And
>while his secretary, Velda, doesn't crack
>wise all that often, she IS an honest-to-God
>licensed PI.

Good observation, Jim:

Although Mike Hammer is important in the history of PI fiction, he is also one of its most vicious characters on either side of the law.

Mike Hammer = Vigalante sadist

It works for many if not most PI readers through.

Jack Bludis

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