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<< Define cliche. As you say, there are limited opportunities for POV.

Unless one somehow manages to add to that palette (fourth person heresay?),

one is confined to certain parameters. Are there genre books that traffick

in cliches that are not? >>

My desktop dictionary says simply: trite and hackneyed. What I meant when I first posed the question was "overdone". I gave specific examples of some of the conventions in question, ie: femme fatales, psychotic sidekicks, first person POV. I would say that writing in the 1st person itself isn't necessarily cliche, but the metaphor laden, 1st person POV clearly is. When it comes to femme fatales, I suppose it's a matter of believability. Is she fully realized as a character? Sidekicks probably have to pass a similar test.

However, at a certain point, the mere fact that these characters, no matter how well executed, are recognizable as a type, it makes me question if their very existence is in fact cliche, or overdone.

Is in fact the Private Eye himself a cliche?

John Lau

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