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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 04 May 2002

> The bulk of his work seems to have been
> written between 1958-68, mainly for Dell (the covers are superb).
> novels published in '72, '81 and '92. (Haven't read them and don't
> know if they're by the same guy).
> Quote from the back cover of McKimmey's _24 Hours To Kill_
> "This man can manipulate tension and character in ways that are
beginning to
> alarm me." John D MacDonald.
> Any further info greatly appreciated.
> Al Guthrie

Welcome to the overground section of the list, Al. I can't add to your knowledge of McKimmey as you already know more than I do but I thought the following may be of interest if you're not already aware - the Dell covers were done (the ones I've seen) by the extremely prolific (& wonderful) Robert McGinis. There is a website devoted to his pb covers with 100's of scans: (Warning: popups abound & you need to have cookies enabled, IIRC). McGinis did covers for just about every major Hb/noir author of the late 50's to early 70's & much more as well as many famous movie posters of the 60's including James Bond movie posters & BARBARELLA. I haven't yet read McKimmey but I was aware that J D MacDonald had a high opinion of him (his comments seem to be on most of the pb's of McKimmey's I've seen) & so I'd think he must have been pretty damned good & yet he seems almost forgotten now. Which of his books would you recommend?


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