Re: RARA-AVIS: Conrad, Coppola, (cats)

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 04 May 2002

> I won't get into the "which is better" argument between Heart and
> Apocalypse, except to say they are both masterpieces, each in its own way.
> Conrad's short novel is more about a moral awakening to darkness at the
> heart of Europe; Coppola is focusing on something similar in the American
> effort, though he's much more ambivalent, since the film both endorses
> pyrotechnic destruction and questions its purpose.


apocalypse now endorses pyrotechnic destruction? thats an interesting idea. what made you think that? i didn't think the movie "endorsed" anything. i didn't even think it was a commentary on the vietnam war. the war was just a great setting to play out the story between kurtz and marlow.

of course, i'm not a fan of big-picture messages. i like em down on a personal level. i had a hard time seeing cormac mccarthy's _blood meridian_ as a commentary on manifest destiny. and i didn't find the idea of _the heart of darkness_ being a commentary on colonialisation appealing either.

and expanding on your comment on the novel being about a "moral awakening to the heart of darkness of europe", i would say its about a wonderful amoral spot that lies firmly rooted within the primal soul of us all. cormac plays in that sandbox so very well.


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