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From: cooper (
Date: 03 May 2002

I been shockingly lazy lately,let the list thing go past me, but the old man/woman thing has stirred me from my lethargy. I can't say why I like hb rather than "softboiled" fiction, I think it's the old escapist thing; I can't get further away from my boring rural life than the mean streets inhabited in my favourite books,be it LA,NY or Edinburugh and I sincerely hope and pray that I never ever get into situations therein- probably the same reason I used to read SF as a teenager, again not a 'female' genre. Carrie said.....I should also say that I know lots of guys but no women who are big Ellroy fans, Hey, I'm over here! In fact it was Mr E that got my (and my husband's) HB obsession into full flower, BUT probably if I ever got stuck in that fictional lift with any of his characters, I'd be climbing out of that escape hatch and up that cable before you could say "Pacific Dining Car" George said"....Granted that any such generalization could be only so accurate, I wonder how different those lists would be?" Ahh the list, now usually I don't do the generalistion according to gender thing,be it in reading matter or whatever BUT I will make an exception when it comes to lists. Men make lists,anally retentive men make lists, and I don't mean that unkindly in any way I am married to the most in the world (lists on; books,films,music-soul,punk,reggae etc,birds-especially the rara ones(HoHo)) (I'm sure I'll be slapped by all my avian sisters that contributed), I'm sorry I'm sure that the list was of vital import, but I really just couldn't be ars......,bothered. Oh god I'm being overcome with ennui again. jane

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