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Date: 03 May 2002

--- wrote:
> All that I meant is that both were sometime addicts
> to substances which
> were not themselves illegal at the time; that to get
> twitchy about
> Holmes's cocaine is no more reasonable in a
> historical context than to be
> shocked by Scudder's alcohol.

I can't argue with that.

> the invention of the tortured, ethical intellectual,
> Holmes, is something
> special which he brought in to that mix. All right,
> now jump on me....

Well, if you insist...Edgar Allan Poe invented the--if not tortured then at least eccentric--ethical intellectual C. Auguste Dupin something like forty years before Doyle invented Holmes. I am not by any means trying to slight Conan Doyle's contribution to detective lit, but Holmes has always seemed to me obviously derived from Dupin.


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