From: Michael Robison (
Date: 02 May 2002

> <<<. . .the film now strikes me as something akin
> to good men's adventure fiction. Lonely, roguish
> assassin given job that other man has failed
> at.>>>>

well, i hate to get all touchy-feely and read too much into something, but i see _heart of darkness_ and apocalypse now as much more than a simple adventure story/movie. to me, and maybe only to me, its about an intelligent thinking man who knowingly cuts himself loose from standard morals. he becomes a mortal god. the story/movie ruminates on how one arrives at a philosophical stance like this, the consequences thereof, and whether it has any validity or is just plain moe foe crazy.

stepping out of the bounds of whats considered "correct" behavior is not an uncommon subject. machiavelli suggests that the prince, to be effective, must break the rules. nietzche has his superman, with his will to power beyond good and evil.

its a favorite literary theme of mine. thats why i just drooled all over cormac mccarthy's _blood meridian_. kurtz and the judge would have much to talk about. of course, i preferred mccarthy to conrad because mccarthy just laid it all out on the table. it was bare and naked and bold and powerful. there wasn't any ruminating at all. thats one of the weaknesses in _the heart of darkness_...

uh oh! i'm on a roll and my daughter is demanding the computer. later, guys and girls.


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