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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 02 May 2002

> In the U.S., cocaine was legal until 1915 and IIRC was up to that
time, an
> ingrediant in Coca-Cola.
> Brad
Yep, hence the name. I think Coke withdrew the coke from their product 1 or 2 years before 1915. 1915, or thereabouts, is when legislation was passed to outlaw ingredients such as cocaine and morphine (used in sarsaparilla) in "soft drinks". Coca-Cola saw the writing on the wall & withdrew cocaine from their product a year or two before they were legally compelled to. I understand that the reason Americans go to
"drugstores" for a soda is because these drinks contained pharmaceuticals & hence were sold from drugstores (or as we call them down here, chemists or pharmacies). In Australia, the notion of going to a chemist for a bottle of Coke seems a little surreal but it does make sense in a historical context.


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