RARA-AVIS: Jill Hennessey

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 02 May 2002

Yep. The Cronenberg/Wood DEAD RINGERS.

Amusing to me: Jill's twin sister Jacqueline filled in for her on LAW AND ORDER at times.


TM (a fan of the very softboiled CHUTNEY POPCORN)

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If the DEAD RINGERS you're talking about is the movie by David Cronenberg (a great director of visceral horror flicks whom the critics loathed up until that very film, IIRC) then I consider it very noir
(but not as in film noir). IMO DEAD RINGERS is Cronenberg's masterpiece. Although it fits comfortably in Cronenberg's ouevre as another biological horror film there are absolutely no fantastic elements in it - the horror comes from psychological sources. Jeremy Irons (whom I'd never really rated before this) puts in a stunning performance as the seriously disturbed twins. He won an Oscar for the film about Klaus Bulow after DEAD RINGERS & in his acceptance speech he said he was grateful for it but that he & everybody else knew the real reason he won it was for his role in DEAD RINGERS. I think he was right. I understand the book on which the film was based was inspired by a real-life scenario involving a couple of whacked out twin surgeons. I guess it's more Gothic than noir but it's got to be a close relative. Does anyone know anything about the real case that inspired the book? If I'm talking about the same film/book though, I don't offhand recall female twins but I do have an appalling memory & it's been a while.

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