RARA-AVIS: Re: Women readers

From: Sally Jane Driscoll ( renza9@yahoo.com)
Date: 02 May 2002

Speaking for myself and not all double-X's (I much prefer Crowe as Maximus and Spacey in LA Confidential, and no actress can hold a candle to Robyn Benincasa) but I read hardboiled because it's not BORING. A hitch in the plot in an Elizabeth George and a Dennis Lehane novel will have me throwing both against the wall, but I'll pick up Lehane, while Lizzie goes into the library donation pile.

Hardboiled is sharp-edged and clean, even when it's by a writer I don't like or agree with, such as Vachss. That hard-edged writing quality that seems to owe a lot to Zola is hard to find and I've gotten so jaded that I won't put up with a writer "expressing his/herself" any more. Just tell me the damn story. Hardboiled writers do that, or at least many do.
(Joyce Carol Oates is like fingernails on a blackboard.)



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