RARA-AVIS: Women in Forensic Mysteries

From: T.Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 02 May 2002

Carrie wrote:

> Plus there's the whole
> sex/death/danger/fetishism type of thing. and don't guys want to
think that
> if they end up on a morgue table somewhere they'd rather have Jill
> slicing into them than Jack Klugman?

Rene replied:

>This is probably one of the very few situations in which I wouldn't care
>if it was Jill Hennessey or Jack Klugman performing the
>ministrations.(Not that I know who Jill is but it seems a safe bet that
>she's more attractive than Jack Klugman.)

Jill Hennessey, a former assistant DA on Law and Order and a Canadian, plays an assistant coroner in the Boston-based TV series, Crossing Jordan. In Wednesday's episode, Jack Klugman played a former head coroner who is losing his sight and probably his job. However, Hennessey agrees to become his
"eyes" in trade for his knowledge. He must have been hiding in his office during earlier episodes. Expect to see Klugman return in the future as a consultant. Hennessey's father, a former cop who now owns a bar, is played by The White Shadow, Ken Howard. In early episodes, he helped his daughter solve the mystery, but his role is becoming smaller and smaller. On Wednesday, Hennessey was in the bar, but Howard was not.

Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

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