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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 30 Apr 2002

Well in this part of the world it's part of the title of one of George P. Pelecanos books, Shoedog ... includes a very hardboiled explanation of the term as well. Then we have James Ellroy who's the self-proclaimed demon dog of crime fiction. And finally there's the crimedogs over at

It's also a term of friendship and familiarity between inner city youths if Finding Forrester has any authenticity to it.

When it comes to people like Eddic Coyle, rat's an appropriate term. As a matter of fact don't cats eat rats? You are what you eat.

When comes to cats ... hardboiled is poor choice of cooking methods. Rotisserie grill with a mango/papaya marinade ... now that's a good hard broiled pussy.

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, Virginia

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In this part of the world the title "dog" is given to informers, such as Eddie Coyle. And we know that informers are not hardboiled, right?

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