Re: RARA-AVIS: hard boiled Conan?

From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 30 Apr 2002

M Blumenthal wrote:

> I went to Don Herron's website to find out about the Hammett tour. He also
> has a lot on Conan. It made me wonder if we should consider Conan hard
> boiled. Until he becomes king of Aquilonia in the last stories, he is a
> wandering mercenary and sometime pirate or just thief. He certainly is
> tough. The stories appeared in pulp magazines and except for some
> inappropriate oaths like 'By Crom!, his language is colloquail especially
> if you consider it must have been translated from the original Cimerian,
> Aquilonian or such.
> Mark

Speaking of Conan, John Milius, who wrote and directed the first Conan movie, ended it exactly the same way he and Coppola ended the other lit flick of the day, APOCALYPSE NOW, with the questing hero chopping up the Kurtz figure in front of his tribe. The tribe then lays down their weapons and allow him to vamoose.

Milius must have really liked his source materials.


P.S. - I always thought Apocalypse Now was anti-war, not anti-American. (And at times it doesn't even seem anti-war.)

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