From: Reed Andrus ( rsandrus@swbell.net)
Date: 30 Apr 2002

He stopped publishing after Boy's Life (arguabley his best book) because he wanted to get out of the horror genre, wrote at least one (possibly two) historical mainstream books (but one involves witchcraft hysteria/trials, possibly Salem's lot) that no one would pick up. So he quit. At least until recently -- his witch trial historical is supposed to be published by a small press later this year.

But I suspect you knew all that before I typed this.

... Reed

> Just to show that no good idea hasn't already been explored, there's a
> very tough novel based on the Oz legend (Baum's, not HBO's) -- Robert
> McCammon's "Gone South," in which an Agent Orange-poisoned Vietnam vet,
> blamed for a murder not entirely his fault, runs from the cops into a
> Louisiana swamp. There he picks up an assortment of weird and damaged
> fellow travelers all seeking a mystical swamp witch who can possibly
> "cure" them all. It's a terrific book from a writer who seems to have
> done the unthinkable -- stopped publishing while still hitting the
> bestseller lists.
> Dick Lochte

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