RE: RARA-AVIS: "Apocalypse Now, Redux"

From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 30 Apr 2002

jack says: The addition of that scene alone made it a better movie, but I think, the original ending--at the end where it belonged--was better.


i'd like to see the director's cut version now. i just talked to someone and they said the same as posted here... that the french plantation scene really explained the movie a lot more.

spoiler follows:

and yes, i think the ending should be left as the ending. one of the things i disliked about conrad's book was the way it ended. kurtz simply gets sick and gets his butt dragged onto the boat without a struggle, croaks out his "horror" lines, and then dies. instead of a few more dreary ruminations from poor willard (is his name willard in the book, too?) and then ending, he has to drag himself back home and go talk to kurtz's wife. it was ineffective and grossly anticlimatic.

kilgore's attack on charlie point, the USO scene, and the outpost from hell were all excellent. i believe some literary critics likened the book to dante's inferno. although i stated that i thought the movie true to the spirit of the book, coppola expanded the philosopher/murderer theme to com- ment on some of the absurdities of war. it was as effective as catch-22 at suggesting that policies for conducting war are oftentimes ineffective and absurd. "thats some catch, catch-22." "yeah, its the best they got."


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