RARA-AVIS: apocalypse now

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 29 Apr 2002

hi everybody!

just watched "apocalypse now" again, after not seeing it for years. damn, that is a spectacular movie! its one of the very few movie adaptations which is better than the book. noir to the hot and steamy max. and willard is pretty darned hardboiled too. liked it better than conrad's _heart of darkness_ . conrad's ending seemed weak compared to coppola's. one weakness of the movie was tying kurtz's actions to the art of war. that seemed to detract from the greater philosopher/murderer issue. although drastically different in many ways, i still thought the movie was loyal to the spirit of conrad's writing.

i noticed the way coppola used (overused?) the combination of lighting and shadows on faces, and the liberal use of smoke/fog and fire. and i noticed that kurtz had the same junky paperback copy of weston's _ritual and romance_ that i have. that was cool to see. and the jim morrison tunes to begin and toward the end of the movie were great.

i do have a couple questions:

1. what is the wagner tune that kilgore (robert duvall)is playing when they
     take charlie point?

2. what is the "hollow man" poetry that kurtz is reading near the end?


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