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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 29 Apr 2002

> Rene, have you read any of the Chopper books? He got a lot of
publicity over here when the film came out. Is it worth looking at these?
> G'day.
> Colin
> >--

I haven't got around to reading any of them (there's some ridiculous number of volumes out) but a friend of mine found them to be a bit of a hoot. They're very popular down here. If you've seen the movie, which I would recommend if you haven't, you'd probably get a fair idea of books themselves. They'd certainly give you a better idea of the Melbourne underworld than the Wyatt books (pounds to peanuts there's no mention of the "Outfit" in the Chopper books). Chopper Reed was already a notorious celebrity by way of several controversial TV appearances before the movie came out and I must admit that he can be funny at times. A psychopath with a sense of humour. I wonder if that's a sufficiently redeeming factor to qualify Chopper as a hardboiled character :-) IIRC William Gibson & Elmore Leonard have both read one or more of the Chopper books, Gibson referring to them in an interview somewhere, I think.


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