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Date: 28 Apr 2002

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<< His lack of self-confidence is just another sign that he wasn't truly hardboiled to begin with. Neither are the others except for Marlowe, they're personally weak, hardboiled characters may be human at times but in the end cut they're not weak. >>

    Oh I see now, Anthony. You say that self confidence is a necessary hard-boiled trait, and when I point out a number of non-self confident hard-boiled characters, you cleverly refute me by saying that these folks weren't "truly hardboiled to begin with," witness their lack of self confidence. What a wonderful circle.
    Let's see if I've got this straight. To be "truly" hard-boiled, one must not be a "scumbag," or a "pussy," must be a "stand-up guy," and
"self-confident," and neither Eddie Coyle nor Easy Rawlins (one of my
"others" as you call them) are truly hard-boiled. It's nice to hear that Phil Marlowe actually made the cut. I guess he must have been grandfathered in before you made the self confidence rule.
                                    Jim Blue

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