RE: RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled Character Traits

Date: 27 Apr 2002


> There's nothing implicit about it, just because
> you're "tough" doesn't
> mean you have self confidence too. Self confidence
> comes from
> experience. Being tough doesn't require experience.

To be REALLY tough (as opposed to posturing like Wilbur in FALCON) requires a measure of self-confidence. This is, as others have pointed out, often at odds with an equal measure of self-doubt, but it's there. You can't be REALLY tough without having confidence in your abilities to handle the situations requiring you to be tough.

Self-confidence doesn't necessarily require experience, either. Anyone who's ever seen a little kid climb a tree for the first time without a thought of the danger, jump into a lake without ever having had a swimming lesson, etc., knows that self-confidence is part of that kid's very nature.

Neither is experience an unfailing road to self-confidence. There are those who are so naturally timid and diffident that no amount of practice or rehearsal or experience ever allows them to overcome their nature.

But anyone, whether by lack of experience or by nature, who lacks confidence in his or her own ability, isn't really tough.


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