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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 27 Apr 2002

Ambler is Fleming's granddaddy and is the pseudonym of Eliot Reed with Charles Rodda ... I read "Coffin For Dimitrios" a while back, good spy tale. There's recently been a resurgence of their work. First, in the UK
(their home) and now trickling over to our side of the pond. If you don't see one of his books on our shores, check out they may have it ...

Dibdin on the other hand is more Doyle's grandchild than Chandler's ... softboiled not hard. "Ratking" is a good one ... don't particularly feel you have to start at the beginning, but there is a timeline of events that grows throughout the series.

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i made my weekly pilgrimage to the local bookstore last night. i saw a couple authors who looked interesting but i don't know anything about them. they are eric ambler and michael dibdin. anybody know anything about or read these authors? one of the dibdin titles, _rat-king_, appealed to me. sounds hardboiled/noir.

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