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Date: 27 Apr 2002

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<< Here's another definitive hardboiled character trait ... self confidence. >>

    There is a long list of hard-boiled characters who were plagued by self-doubt, including Matt Scudder, Ray Dolan (Jack Kelly's Line of Sight), Dave Robichaeux, Eddie Coyle, Ed Exley, Easy Rawlins, and even our old friend Philip Marlowe (especially in The Long Good-Bye.) All of these guys worried a lot about whether they were doing the right thing, for themselves, for others, for self preservation, and all of them had people whose opinion of them mattered.
    They were sometimes self-confident and sometimes halting and unsure, just like lots of other non-hardboiled three dimensional characters. Nice try Anthony, but I think Jim D's unadorned definition still stands.

                                    Jim Blue

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