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Date: 27 Apr 2002

marianne asks for some translations:

>Bitterroot (v good book, isn't it) Chapter 12, section on Tommy Lee Stolz:

>"He'd had a good life dry-walling"

>"Even that one-bit he did on a road gang in the Keys wasn't bad."


hi marianne,

dry-wall is a construction material. it comes in 4 foot by 8 foot (and longer) sheets, somewhere between 3/8 and 1 inch thick. its a gypsum compound (something like plaster but softer and more pliable) sandwiched between two heavy sheets of paper. its applied over a skeleton frame for interior walls in a building, and it becomes the smooth sur- face of the wall and ceiling. "finishers" apply a paper tape and thick white paste ("mud") to seal and smooth the edges where the drywall meets, and then its painted. sometimes a texture is added to ceilings.

dry-walling is the process of applying the drywall to the wall frame. so the "he" in the sentence had worked a life in the construction business. its hard work. i worked as a union drywaller during the long summer vacation from school.

as far as the feller (male person) doing the one-bit, well, i'm not sure about exactly what that is, but its most likely a jail term. i'm fuzzy. a "road gang" could be hired people working on a road, but my guess is that its a reference to convict labor on said road. when you're talking the "Keys" in the U.S. you are referring to the long stretch of small tropical islands that extend out below the southern tip of florida. i just got back from 10 glorious days down there with the family. boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, para- sailing. wahoo! seen a big nasty 4 foot baracuda. seen several stingrays close to 8 foot long (i'm counting his tail).

hope this helps, miker

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