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Date: 26 Apr 2002

I have no problem sympathizing with a copy who tortures a pedophile, locks two drug dealers in a box until only one comes out, dives into a pool of sewage to save a baby, etc. It's hard to see who the good guys are in The Shield. The Captain is presented as the obvious hero and he's just as corrupt working towards a political career not for justice. Dutch is too stupid and arrogant. The two female cops and the gay rookie are the only ones with any integrity, however, the rookie's training officer doesn't want to see that bad enough to do anything while the lady detective appears to be good ... whether she is or isn't remains to be seen. I don't really find any criminal sympathetic regardless of what they've done otherwise. But Vic is a lot more sympathetic than Tony Soprano in comparison.

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Alexandria, Virginia

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It's hard to sympathize with cops who: kill other cops and try to stash drugs to "seed" their crime fighting.

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