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Date: 26 Apr 2002

> In a message dated 4/26/02 5:38:22 AM, writes:
> << My Comment on "the Shiled." The producers and
> writers seem to be trying to do for dirty cops
> what HBO does for organized crime, and I don't
> think it works.
> It's hard to sympathize with cops who: kill other
> cops and try to stash drugs to "seed" their crime
> fighting. >>
> It works for me.
> John Lau

Me too. And I haven't seen it yet - although I'm sure I'll get deja vu when I do see it. Sounds like an ordinary day of policing in my home town (Sydney) when I was growing up. Which is not to say that corruption has been stamped out in the police here, just that when I was young Sydney was a classic wide-open port city, a la Chicago, Marseille & Hong Kong in their corrupt heydays. Maybe I'm a freak (well, probably) but I often like stories about people with no redeeming features - even ones who aren't sexy & totally lack charisma, etc. I love the Parker books, Jim Thompson & THE SOPRANOS (I wish that was back on the telly again - there's nothing to look forward to except BUFFY & ANGEL these days. & maybe THE SHIELD if it makes out here). Can anybody put me on to any other "uninteresting" bad people to read about or watch on the big or little screen? Redeeming virtues are OK but certainly not compulsory.


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