RARA-AVIS: Re: RARA-AVIS Digest V4 #235

From: JIM DOHERTY ( jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com)
Date: 26 Apr 2002


Re your comment below:

> The more you're called upon to explain and
> defend your definition, the
> more I admire what you've done. You haven't strayed
> an inch outside the
> campground in which you staked your original claim.
> The size and shape
> you've given us may not please everybody, and it may
> not win universal
> acceptance, but it certainly meets the criteria of a
> good definition - it is
> precise, clear, simple, easy to apply, and it
> covers most (or all) of the
> class under consideration, and few (or none) of
> those who fall outside the
> class.
> To a large degree we test definitions through
> intuition. We pick up
> examples that we "know" fit within a given catagory,
> and measure them against
> the definition. If they don't fit, we either
> discard the definition or
> develop a new understanding of the examples. Each
> time someone has thrown
> examples your way, you've applied your definition
> and tossed the candidate
> "in" or "out," and in each case your judgment has
> been consistently applied.
> You've had no problem living with the consequences
> of applying your
> definition.
> Like many others on the list, I've encountered
> instances in which the
> invocation of "Doherty's Rule," hasn't "felt right;"
> it has either been too
> restrictive or too loose. Consequently, I continue
> to tinker around the
> edges of your choice of words, but overall, I'd say
> you've nailed hardboiled
> and noir in a thoroughly tough and colloquial
> manner.

Mark Twain once said he coulde live two weeks on a compliment. That one ought to last me a few months. Thank you for the gracious comments.


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