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From: Anderson, Erick (ETW) (
Date: 25 Apr 2002

Other than the pulps, there are, in my mind, some other authors that preceded Fleming which apply, as well. Has anyone else read any books from Peter Cheyney's Slim Calaghan series? Having read Urgent Hangman, for example, I noted some interesting similarities between the two authors, at least stylistically.

Parenthetically, please don't ask me what they were. It's been a couple of years since I read Urgent Hangman, but I remember thinking at the time that Fleming MUST have been influenced by Cheyney.

Best Regards, Erick

P.S. Even if you;re not studying the relationship of Fleming to other writers, Slim Callaghan is definitely hardboiled, and I thought, quite enjoyable.


marianne wrote:
> > more in common with a kind of British > >Adventure Fiction that streches all the way back to > >Talbot Mundy, H. Rider Haggard, etc., as well as hero > >pulps in general. > Ye-e-esss, I think you have something here. Haggard, Bulldog Drummond, > Q, some of Stevenson, even ... I read a lot if that stuff in my > mis-spent youth, and though Fleming modernised it - post-WW2 instead of > pre- , the tone does seem familiar. In fact, modernisation might be all > that Fleming did? > > Thanks - Fleming was bothering me. > > >
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