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From: George Upper (
Date: 24 Apr 2002

Miker wrote:
> > i was surfing the web looking for chandler sites
> and i came on this
> one
> > that had literary analysis and criticism and this
> lady had written an
> essay
> > and quoted a bunch of stuff from _farewell my
> lovely_ which
> essentially
> > pegged marlowe as a closet homosexual.

My favorite response to this is from Robert P. Parker.
 I'm too lazy too look it up, so this is going to be a paraphrase, but it will be true to the spirit, if not the letter.

Spenser and Hawk are working out in a gym (Henry Cimoli's, no doubt). Spenser says to Hawk (I don't remember why): "I just read a book by a guy named Fielding that says that guys like us are repressing homo-erotic tendencies." Hawk: "Doin' a damn good job of it, too."


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