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Date: 23 Apr 2002

I've read two of them. The author's an Australian architect, and both those I read featured something architectural, one the shopping center and the other a human-scale residential-shop block amidst the encroaching city skyscrapers. They're OK, but I'm not wild about them. Joy

Nicole Leclerc <> told Craig,
"I've just finished reading the first four books in this series - the other is All My Enemies - for a group discussion on another list. They are mostly police procedurals and I don't consider them hardboiled. Not cozies mind you but not very noir or graphic either. I quite enjoy them mostly for the settings and for the originality of the themes around wich the murders take place, rare stamps for example. I also like the fact that each book is quite different from the other even though the police involved are mainly the same people. I'm looking forward to reading #5 which deals with a shopping mall." in answer to:

> > I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Kathy
> > Kola/David Brock mysteries by Barry Maitland? I've got
> > 3 of these titles (_The Marx Sisters_, _The Malcontenta_,
> > and _The Chalon Heads_) which just came in, again purchased
> > on the spur of the moment after reading a review. Are they at all
> > hardboiled?

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