Re: RARA-AVIS: colloquial and hardboiled

Date: 23 Apr 2002


Re your comment below:

> I'm with you on this one, John. I've always thought
> the speech pattern thing
> was a little narrow in focus. Miker, as usual, hit
> that one with the bright
> glare of innocent (and humorous) logic.

Even mute people have ways of expressing themselves, and the way they express themselves will depend on their attitude, and their worldview at least as much as their handicap. "Colloquial" refers to a rude, rough-edged way of expressing oneself. It's an essential component of hard-boiled, because it's the way the hard-boiled attitude is expressed. What distinguished Hammett and the rest was not plot (there were just as many clues and classical puzzles), or, necessarily, milieu (much of, say, THE DAIN CURSE and THE BIG SLEEP take place in upper-class drawing room settings because the heroes' clients are upper-class), or even the level of violence (check out the climax of THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES for an expertly produced action scene). It was the language, the language of tough, direct working men. The way the character expresses himself, verbally or non-verbally, is an essential component.


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