RARA-AVIS: Georges Arnaud

From: Nicole Leclerc ( lectrice@videotron.ca)
Date: 23 Apr 2002

This is what I gleamed in my search. In 1941 he was accused and imprisonned for the massacre of his father, his aunt and the servant - some say also the dog) with a pruning-knife. He remained in prison until 1943 when he was judged non-guilty, the trial having been rife with contradicting evidence. The killer was never found and doubt always remained concerning his guilt or innocence. This is why he changed his name from Henri Girard to Georges Arnaud. He went on to live an adventurous life with yet another entanglement with justice but this time of a more political nature - he had exiled himself to Algeria. He made his living as a journalist/writer and was quite a character.

Wages of Fear is also a great film by Henri-George Clouzot and features among Yves Montand among other great French actors.


> WAGES OF FEAR by Georges Arnaud; nitro transportation on
> some *very* bumpy roads. You will sit quite still when
> reading this...
> Btw, a blurb on my Swedish copy claims that Arnaud received
> the death penalty (by guilloutine!) for murder in the '30s,
> but was later released. No details, though. Anyone can provide
> the story behind this?

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