Re: RARA-AVIS: colloquial and hardboiled

From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 23 Apr 2002

> applying a little (very little) thought to it makes me wonder about the
> "colloquial "requirement. that means a character cannot be deemed
> hardboiled, solely by his actions. so a mute character could not be
> hardboiled, could he? ;-)
Since colloquial means means, "characteristic of or suitable to ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing", technically he couldn't. I guess the character, Ken Warren, in Gores' DKA series wouldn't qualify either because he stutters. A character can't talk too well or badly.

The other objection to Gutman's being hard boiled is that he is 'prissy'. That is a made up word combining 'prim' and 'sissy. Its definition is, " excessively proper: affectedly correct; prim.. " I don't see anyone describing Gutman having any of those characteristics. Mark

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