RARA-AVIS: Re: Swimming, etc.

From: Sally Jane Driscoll ( renza9@yahoo.com)
Date: 23 Apr 2002

My apologies, but I was too busy this weekend to contribute to the discussion.

(OK, here come a few spoilers.)

Please don't tell me Sam didn't love Brigid. If he didn't, I rescind my "best 100" vote for him. Hardboiled doesn't mean cold-hearted. If he gave her up without loving her, he's a paper doll without any guts.

If Mike Hammer didn't really love Charlotte Manning,
"It was easy" loses all meaning.

The wounds of hard-boiled characters set off their strength in contrast. Ned Beaumont kept getting beat to a pulp ("if my memory serves me correctly") but also kept scraping himself off the floor. Batman was orphaned by murderers. Terry Quinn had to face the fact that he really is a racist. Nick Stefanos is a drunk. Rebus' personal life is a void.

They succeed in spite of their wounds and their wounds make them stronger. The constant conflict of their wounds and their will is the other battle they fight in addition to the one with the bad guys.



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