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From: Joy Matkowski ( jmatkowski1@comcast.net)
Date: 22 Apr 2002

Re proofreading and copyediting of fiction, I quote part of an ongoing discussion, with permission. As I've said before, I copyedit and proofread but not fiction.

In response to: "A friend tells me that the book publishing industry no longer regularly copyedits book copy, and that if they do even offer the service to authors, it is at the author's expense. Ditto for indexing. She did both for her husband's book. The thought blows my mind.
    " I wondered if anyone had relevant experience or knowledge on the subject?"

a Canadian list member said, "I know a chap who is enjoying a fair amount of success writing mysteries for a US paperback publisher. His novels are not copyedited. He was told to get five friends to read the MS and make suggestions, and that's it. That is what he does. The friends who perform this service do not get paid, but have the reward of being among the very first people to read the new novel. I am not one of them."

Wow! Makes me think of which five friends I'd pick if I dragged out my yellowing manuscripts.


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