Re: RARA-AVIS: Swimming, Angie and proofing

Date: 20 Apr 2002

The thing to remember is that the list was of the best characters from hard-boiled crime fiction, not necessarily the best characters who were themselves hard-boiled. I don't think Casper Gutman, for example, could be described as a hard-boiled, but the novel he appears in, THE MALTESE FALCON, is certainly a hard-boiled novel, and Gutman is certainly a marvelous character, so it was appropriate for him to be have been nominated, and (if he won a place, which, off-hand, I can't remember) to have been placed on the final list.

Angie's being on the list isn't necessarily a a reflection of her own hard-boiledness. It's a reflection of the fact that people thinks she's a great character and that they also think that the books she appears in are hard-boiled.

That said, Angie strikes me as colloquial, and, ultimately, as pretty damned tough. As far as I'm concerned, that makes her hard-boiled.


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