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<< here are the ones i have: The Quick Red Fox, Darker than Amber, The Empty Copper Sea, the Long Lavender Look, the Green Ripper, Free Fall in Crimson. >>

    All of these are Travis McGee adventures and there is a split among the rare birds (big surprise) as to whether John D. did his best work with Travis or in his non-McGee books. Personally, I love all of the T. McGee work and most of the rest of it, but if I were going to start on McGee I'd start with the early stuff (The Quick Red Fox, Darker Than Amber, The Long Lavender Look, and then go to the late 70's early eighties stuff, The Empty Copper Sea, The Green Ripper, Free Fall In Crimson.) My first choice would be to read the entire series in order, but that can be almost impossible (and probably too compulsive) a task.
    Of the six, Lavender, and Copper Sea are my favorites (for what that's worth.) My view of the T. Megee books are that the best ones are in the middle, the stuff he published in the late sixties and early seventies, but you are almost certain to have fun with all of them.
    Also, do yourself a favor and read some of the non-Travis books, The Brass Cupcake, A Flash of Green, The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything, Dead Low Tide, Where is Janice Gantry?, and Cry Hard, Cry Fast. John D. did a lot of good work.

                                        Jim Blue


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