RARA-AVIS: Swimming, Angie and proofing

From: Sally Jane Driscoll ( renza9@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Apr 2002

Rene, most of my participation in my Internet interests is done with work staring at me from my desk. Thanks again for the welcome.

Angie: Most women in abusive relationships get out, if at all, only after many years. Angie's commitment to an abusive marriage is part of what makes her real. That she survived it, didn't curl up and die spiritually, and went on being a good PI is what makes her hardboiled to me (here we go with definitions again). She's like Socrates, who lost decades in prison for murder, came out and tried his best to figure out what the hell came next. That element of vulnerability interacting with the strength a particular character needs to go on is one of the things that keeps me interested in this genre.

My two cents on proofing: As my day job, I work on a medical journal of about 350 printed pages per month. Unlike business people, many physicians and basic science researchers still have one or many secretaries to type their work. The secretary reads the article, the author reads it, an editor in that specialty approves it, three peer reviewers read it, I edit it, going over it three times, our proofreader corrects it, the author gets it back for approval, more corrections are made on final proof and still we find some dumb errors in print. Leading to the conclusion, perfection is what you can accomplish by deadline.



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