RARA-AVIS: Come on in - the water's fine

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 18 Apr 2002

Like others on the list, I found the Best 100 Hardboiled Characters vote a mixed blessing. Although it did rather dominate the discussion for a while the Characters vote did liven things up & in particular it brought quite a few lurkers to surface. It was nice to see several women lurkers announce themselves - we blokes tend to dominate discussions, etc & I feel that it's not always our fault- it would be nice to have our sisters (& the other lurkers) make their presences felt more often. From the votes it's apparent that these folks are widely read in the genre, even if they may feel intimidated by the knowledgeability of many of the regular contributors. There'll always be someone who knows more than you do & conversely someone who knows less & one of the refreshing things about this list is that people don't make you feel small if you make a mistake or you're not familiar with particular writers/works being discussed. Perhaps people are worried that they'll say something foolish or incorrect? Don't worry. It hasn't stopped me (or miker) from jumping right in & nobody has bitten us yet. The water's fine & the only sharks cruising are either toothless or vegetarian. It's time to do the Swim. (Cue the band & turn up the guitar reverb to 11).


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