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From: Graham Powell (
Date: 17 Apr 2002

Incidentally, in the extended "Godfather Saga" version of "Godfather" &
"Godfather II", there's a scene (filmed for "II" but cut) in which a young Jewish ganster is encouraged by Vito Corleone to make up a name for himself.
  He names himself after Rothstein, who fixed the world series. His name: Hyman Roth, who eventually tries to have Vito's son Michael killed.

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>From: "Frederick Zackel" <>
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>Subject: RARA-AVIS: gambler & shoeless joe
>Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 15:05:36 -0400
>(I am so far behind in reading . . . ) The Gatsby gangster Wolfshiem(?) is
>based on the one-time husband of Fanny Brice called Arnold Rothstein, who
>was mentioned by Hammett in Maltese Falcon as the one-time boss of Floyd
>Thursby,,,, or so I've been told. Any researchers in the rara avis?
>Frederick Zackel

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