RARA-AVIS: sean burke's deadwater

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 17 Apr 2002

john williams says:

>If you want to read an elegant refutation of
>Barthes/Derrida/deconstructionism and the 'death of the author' you might
>check out Sean Burke's The Death and Return of the Author (University of
>Edinburgh). And also, oddly enough, this same Sean Burke has a fine slice
>Brit noir coming out this summer from Serpent's Tail. Called Deadwater it's
>one to look out for, for all those still mourning the passing of Derek


thanks, john. university of edinburgh, eh? maybe he's buddies with rebus. i'll be honest. barthe's essay was pretty short, and the general gist is right there up front, but i had to read it twice before i even came close to understanding his reasoning. its easy for me to see the step that once the words are written, they become a separate entity, with a life independent of the author, but his specific arguments had some fairly difficult and academic text. i got the distinct impression that at times he was using an overly complex vocabulary to describe ideas that could have been explained in much simpler words. the essay seemed not entirely serious, but instead part word game.

bottom line is that i'm not sure i could handle an elegant refutation, but i will watch out for sean burke's _dead- water_. thanks for the heads up, john.


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