RARA-AVIS: Re: St. Ives (& Bernie Ohls Revisited)

From: Rob Cream ( robcream@telusplanet.net)
Date: 16 Apr 2002

Jim & Mark -

Thanks for the answer(s) to a newcomers question. <grin>

Jim, re:

Re: your comments after I wrote:

>> [Bernie Ohls is] in <most> of the novels, IIRC
>> Certainly in the Long Goodbye - which is really where
>> the Hard Boiled part comes from - in The Big Sleep
>> he's <just a friendly/helpful cop...

> [Bernie Ohls is] in the novels THE BIG SLEEP and THE LONG GOODBYE
> and the short stories "Finger Man" and "The Pencil"

> He's pretty darned HB in "Finger Man," his very first
> appearance, in which he and Marlowe shoot it out with
> a couple of professional hit men.

Yeah, I knew he wasn't in all of the novels - just couldn't remember which ones he <was> in.
... and, I'd just finished re-reading "The Long Goodbye".

I vaguely remember him in "The Pencil" - but I'd entirely forgotten about
"Finger Man".

I'll have to add that to the re-read pile.

Pretty sure he wasn't in any of the cannibalised stories - having read those recently.

Thanks again - Rob

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