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Date: 16 Apr 2002

Kevin Burton Smith:
> The whole process has been entertaining, if a little frustrating at
> times, the way it's dominated the list. It's interesting to see the
> high regard in which some relatively obscure characters are held, for
> one. And how availability affects the vote. Some of my beloved pulp
> characters and relatively forgotten P.I.s who just made it to the
> list could easily rank much higher, I think, if only more people had
> read them. And, of course, it's a little disappointing that
> supporting players from popular novels (bolstered in some cases by
> popular films) cracked the list, while protagonists from some now
> difficult-to-find novels and series didn't crack it at all. Like, Jo
> Gar didn't make it? Bummer... but understandable. (Which is why folks
> like Crippen & Landru are so important...)
> Thanks, Mark. I think we all owe you one, for the time you put into
> this. And to Bill, of course, for letting you have a place to play.

Kevin, Thanks and we should thank Joe Dante who kept track and organized the list the first ten days when I was busy. Having to process the many write in votes and then renumbering was the most time consuming task for for me. Joe had to deal with that until we actually started voting. Going into yesterday I had 99 characters with four votes or more. I thought it would actually be close to 100. I didn't count on five people voting at the last minute. They brought the total up to 111--too far from 100 for me to try to break the tie so we could have an even 100.

I hope the results as well as the whole process will serve to make people aware of the great diversity of chararacters in hard boiled fiction.

I forgot to include the only two voters who had all twenty for whom they voted make the list - Richard Moore and Jensen (That's as of early last evening. A couple of late voters may have let someone else in this club.)

Joe Gar almost made it. Here are the 21 runners up:

3 Doan and Carstairs (Norbert Davis) 3. Alexander Cutter (CUTTER AND BONE, Newton Thornburg) 3. Patrick Kenzie (series, Dennis Lehane) 3. Harry Stoner (series, Jonathan Valin) 3 Satan Hall (series, Carroll John Daly) 3. Jane Whitefield (series, Tom Perry) 3 Will Graham (RED DRAGON, Thomas Harris) 3. Abraham Trahearne (THE LAST GOOD KISS, James Crumley) 3 Dave "The Enforcer" Klein (White Jazz, James Ellroy) 3. Repairman Jack (series, F. Paul Wilson) 3 Fang Mulheisen (series, Jon A. Jackson) 3. Thorn (series, James W. Hall) 3. Neil Fargo (Interface + short stories, Joe Gores) 3. Dan Fortune (series,Michael Collins) 3. Max Cady (THE EXECUTIONERS, John D. MacDonald) 3. John Francis Cuddy (Cuddy series, Jeremiah Healy) 3 Mike Dolan (NO POCKETS IN A SHROUD, Horace McCoy) 3. Jo Gar (short stories, Raoul Whitfield) 3. Maximum Bob Gibbs (MAXIMUM BOB, Elmore Leonard) 3. Bernie Ohls (THE BIG SLEEP, Chandler) 3. Carmen Sternwood (THE BIG SLEEP, Raymond Chandler)


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