Re: RARA-AVIS: The Best 111

Date: 16 Apr 2002

You can deliver the Mark Sullivan award, presumably a flippin great bag full of cash, to my London address - Department of Unexplained Deaths, The Factory, Poland Street etc etc. Nice to see the fantastic Derek Raymond get in anyway. I think I might have changed my vote for V from V for Vendetta by Alan Moore to Rorsach had I seen those votes go in, but I think V is more authentically hard boiled than all that (not very) Super Hero stuff, both truly marvellous works tho. My other no shows were the trio from Robbers by Cook, brilliantly written characters - especially in my opinion Della, I would love to hear how women reacted to her portrayal by a male author, I thought she came across as strong, resourceful, not fatale at all - maybe even a new archetype - the femme vitale (gawd this coffee is strong!). And Raven from This Gun For Hire, one of my favourite books and very very noir in a Greeneland, washed out grey sort of way, perhaps I should have voted for Pinky, I couldn't really vote for Harry Lime because I have only seen the film - is he the only short story character in there, surely the briefest fictional life of anyone in the hundred?. Dora !
 Suarez I suppose would never have got in, being dead and all. I await my prize with interest. Lovely list and I have a lot of reading to do! Colin PS reading Pimp by Iceberg Slim at the moment and most excellent it is too, in a disgusting way, very revealling.

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