From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 16 Apr 2002

> For all the talk of "bird," I don't think anyone mentioned the
> hard-boiled meaning: in jail/prison, doing time, stir. British,
> "You'll be doing bird," something like that.

Yes, it's a Brit expression & you're right about it's meaning. (We get lots of UK television shows down here, mainly courtesy of the ABC, the antipodean cousin of the BBC. The ABC is even referred to as "Aunty", which I understand is what people in the UK call the BBC). (Oh, and
"bird" was a slang expression for "woman" in common usage in Oz, as well as the UK, when I was a young chap but it's all but disappeared these days. Most old time Aussie slang is disappearing & being replaced by US expressions, which is a real shame. Australia has a wonderful, very colourful "slanguage" all it's own, although it did used to share the Cockney predeliction for rhyming slang earlier in the C20th.


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