RARA-AVIS: One cop's opinion

From: eholderbaum@sprintmail.com
Date: 14 Apr 2002

I'm breaking silence to vote on your top 100 because, as a police officer (everything from a small-town police chief to a federal officer), I think cop characters are getting shorted on the list, so I'm voting exclusively for cops.

Bumper Morgan (Wambaugh) Charles Carr (Petievitch) Charlie Resnick (Harvey) Coffin Ed & Gravedigger (Himes) Dave Robicheaux (Burke) Deputy Carl Houseman (Harstad) Dick Tracy (Gould) Frank Clemons (Cook) (though he finks out and becomes a private eye in later books) George Gideon (Marric) Harry Bosch (Connelly) Joe Friday (Webb and others) John Rebus (Rankin) Kramer & Zondi (McClure) Lucas Davenport (Sandford) Mario Balzic (Constantine) Mitch Taylor (Treat) Nate Heller (Collins)(He's a cop in the beginning of True Detective and through half of Stolen Away) Reid Bennett (Wood) Steve Carella (McBain) Will Graham (Harris)

Eric Holderbaum Proudly Upholding the Law!

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