RARA-AVIS: my vote

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 14 Apr 2002

In alphabetical order:

Artie Wu and Quincy Durant (series, Ross Thomas) Batman CW Shugrue (Last Good Kiss and others, Crumley) Coffin Ed & Gravedigger Jones (series, Chester Himes) Det Sgt Dept Unexplained Deaths (Factory series, Derek Raymond) Earl Drake (series, Dan J Marlowe) Ghost (Shella, Andrew Vachss) Hap Collins & Leonard Pine (series, Lansdale) Hoke Mosley (series, Willeford) Jack Carter (series, Ted Lewis) Lew Archer (series, Ross Macdonald) Lew Griffin (series, James Sallis) Mario Blazic (series, KC Constantine) Parker (series, Richard Stark, AKA Westlake) Paul Kanavagh (Such Men Are Dangerous, Paul Kavanagh, AKA Block) Paul Pine (series, John Evans, AKA Howard Browne) Philip Marlowe (series, Raymond Chandler) Sam Spade (Maltese Falcon, Hammett) The Continental Op (stories, Hammett) Travis McGee (series, John D MacDonald)

The two it hurt the most to cut: Nick Stefanos and John Rebus

A number of crooks here, which didn't really surprise me. Given that PIs are my first love, I was a bit surprised how few recent ones I included. As much as I love Samson, Perkins, Smith, Hardy, Fortune, Kearney, Brandstetter, Stoner, Asch, Cuddy, Tanner, Chin, Scudder, Milodragovitch, Nameless, Warshawski and others, I couldn't find anyone to bump to make room for any of them.

Also, given what I said about looking forward to an idiosyncratic list, it seems a bit odd I have so many "big names" on mine.

Finally, as many have already said, Take it now, before I start fiddling with it some more.


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