RARA-AVIS: Day Keene

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 12 Apr 2002

I've heard Day Keene praised by Mario, and others, enough to know I should pick him up if I ever saw any. I never did. Until today. Today I found a whole stash and picked up most. I left a few. So, any of these better than others? Any clunkers? And should I go back for those I passed on?

Ones I got:

Dead Dolls Don't Talk Love Me & Die Strange Witness The Passion Murders (Farewell to Passion) Payola His Father's Wife Who Has Wilma Lathrop? and Murder on the Side (Lancer double) Bring Him Back Dead and There Was a Crooked Man (another Lancer double, but this one says, "Two complete and unabridged novels" on one side, but
"2 Day Keene novels revised for this edition" on the other -- does anyone know what changes might have been made?)

One I left behind:

Passage to Samoa Notorious Chicago 11 Miami 59 (I may have the numbers reversed)

Also picked up:

A Cold Day in Paradise by Steve Hamilton Zip-Gun Boogie by Mark Timlin


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