RARA-AVIS: Of Possible Interest

From: Reed Andrus ( rsandrus@swbell.net)
Date: 12 Apr 2002

Found this reference through another list-serv, thought rare birds might be interested. Note the date and contents of parts two and three of this Christies auction.

URL is http://www.christies.com/promos/apr02/1104/overview.asp

... Reed

                       M.D., Part I
                       Sale 1104
                       17 April 2002, 10:00 am
                       20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York

                       The first in three auctions comprising the remarkable
                       collection assembled by Texas-based collector Richard M.
                       Lackritz, focuses on early mystery and detective novels.

                       In addition to the very first detective novel, Voltaire's Zadig
                       from 1749, collectors are promised thriller choices from
                       among Victorian fiction and a large collection of books by
                       and about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous detective
                       Sherlock Holmes.

                       -Part II, scheduled for 24 September, will cover the
                        hard-boiled school of fiction 1920-1945.

                       -Part III, planned for 19 December, will offer post-1945

                       Please visit Christie's picture gallery to view highlights of
                       this sale.

                       Please browse the catalogue to view the entire sale and
                       leave absentee bids online.

                       Please also view Christie's sale of Bram Stoker's Dracula,
                       which follows this auction.

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