From: Ann Chambers Theis ( theisa@co.chesterfield.va.us)
Date: 12 Apr 2002

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Former "X-Files" star David Duchovny will portray acclaimed hard-boiled crime novelist James Ellroy in the upcoming adaptation of Ellroy's memoir My Dark Places (ISBN 0679762051 TP).
"Dark Places" details Ellroy's quest to resolve the unsolved murder of his mother in 1958. The book began as a story that first appeared as an article in GQ magazine.

Adapted by Jan Oxenberg, the film will be directed by Robert Greenwald ("Steal This Movie"), who produces, with Francis Ford Coppola sharing executive producer credits. Shooting is scheduled to start in June in Los Angeles. United Artists will distribute in North America as part of its output deal with American Zoetrope.

Greenwald, who met Ellroy through the writer's agent, optioned the rights to the manuscript when he heard the story even before Ellroy began writing it. Screenwriter Oxenberg also worked closely with Ellroy and Greenwald on the script.

Greenwald said: "This is as close to an autobiography as James is going to write, and I felt a moral as well as a professional obligation because of his incredible talent to have him as deeply involved as possible throughout the making of the film. He's been extremely helpful and came up with wonderful suggestions, and he has been part of the casting process as well."

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