RARA-AVIS: Gatsby AND Tough Women in Contemporary Popular Culture (10/1/02; collection)

From: George Upper ( gcupper3@yahoo.com)
Date: 12 Apr 2002

Dear fellow Rara-Avians:

I apologize for the long post that follows, but thought it might be of interest to some on this list. I can't, personally, do anything with it, as I am already swamped with work. But perhaps someone here can.

Also, when I wrote about Gatsby a few minutes ago, I meant to mention that the Dictionary of Literary Biography includes a volume devoted solely to Gatsby and covers Fitzgerald's sources pretty thoroughly. If anyone is actually interested in the name of the gambler / mastermind figure I mentioned (I want to say it was Rosenstein or something like that, but heaven knows how close a guess that might or might not be), that information would almost certainly be in that volume.


> Tough Women in Contemporary Popular Culture: Call
> for Contributors to
> a New Anthology on Depictions of Tough Women in
> Popular Culture
> For a new anthology on the depiction of tough women
> in contemporary
> popular culture (1985-present), I am seeking essays
> that explore the
> complex depictions of tough women in popular
> culture. How are
> women's roles influenced and shaped by depictions of
> tough women?
> How do different popular genres depict tough women?
> Are these new
> depictions progressive? How does popular culture
> depict tough women
> from different races, classes, and ethnic
> backgrounds? How is
> toughness in women constituted differently than in
> men? The range of
> materials that could be addressed is vast: toys,
> television shows,
> films, video games, comic books, to name just a few.
> Essays that
> adopt an interdisciplinary approach to their
> material are welcome, as
> are ones that discuss race, ethnicity, and
> socioeconomic class.
> Essays should be lively, vibrant, and engaging; they
> should be of
> broad interest to scholars in many academic
> disciplines from the
> humanities, including history, women's studies,
> English, American
> studies, Chicana Studies, Asian-American studies,
> and
> African-American studies. Articles should be 8,000
> to 10,000 words
> (including notes and references); accompanying
> photographs are
> welcome. Please send completed article and
> curriculum vita by
> October 1, 2002, to Dr. Sherrie A. Inness,
> Department of English,
> 1601 Peck Boulevard, Miami University, Hamilton,
> Ohio 45011
> ( inness@muohio.edu). Early submissions are
> encouraged.
> This anthology will be edited by Sherrie A. Inness,
> Associate
> Professor of English at Miami University. Inness is
> the author or
> editor of thirteen books, including The Lesbian
> Menace: Ideology,
> Identity, and the Representation of Lesbian Life
> (University of
> Massachusetts Press, 1997); Delinquents and
> Debutantes:
> Twentieth-Century American Girls' Cultures (editor,
> New York
> University Press, 1998); Tough Girls: Women Warriors
> and Wonder Women
> in Popular Culture (University of Pennsylvania
> Press, 1999); Kitchen
> Culture in America: Popular Representations of Food,
> Gender, and Race
> (editor, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001);
> Pilaf, Pozole, and
> Pad Thai: American Women and Ethnic Food (editor,
> University of
> Massachusetts Press, 2001); Dinner Roles: American
> Women and Culinary
> Culture (University of Iowa Press, 2001); and Disco
> Divas: Women and
> Popular Culture in the 1970s (University of
> Pennsylvania Press,
> forthcoming, 2003).

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